AirTech: Better Support. Better Sleep.

Why buy an AirTech vs the competition?

What makes AirTech® different? We're not an online startup or a marketing based company. We’ve been engineering quality sleep systems and selling to individual retailers across the globe since 1978. That’s over 35 years — 9 years longer than Select Comfort®! We have decades of experience and have sold millions of mattresses in that time. We have spent years developing and perfecting the air-support sleep systems that we are offering today. When you trust your mattress purchase to AirTech,® you can rest assured that you are buying a mattress from a mature, experienced and a reliable manufacturer.

AirTech® is Better.

Every AirTech® bed offers you and your partner individualized sleep comfort from plush to firm. Upgraded AirTech® beds feature HexAir technology which adds precise support in three zones: head/legs and lumbar areas to eliminate pressure points for the deep, restful sleep you deserve.

AirTech® beds are best compared to Sleep Number® beds by Select Comfort®.
While our air beds share many of the same basic features as the number beds, below are numerous quality features NOT found in any of the Sleep Number® beds.



Sleep Number®

No Motion Transfer
Comfort Zones
Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee
Replaceable Components
Certified Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam     
Removeable Washable Cover     
Friction Free Safety Liner Surrounding Foam Tray     
Two Hand Controls Standard     
Adjustable From 1-100 in Single Digit Increments     
HexAir 6-Chamber Technology     
Separate Lumbar Adjustment     
Stay Cool Channel Venting     


AirTech® mattresses use air as the support core and feature independent adjustability for each side of the bed. Both you and your partner can enjoy personalized comfort and support so you can sleep better together. Our advanced computerized technology allows you to precisely adjust your comfort and support levels from soft to firm in single digit increments from 1 to 100. No other air bed manufacturer allows for this remarkable degree of precise adjustability.

The Sleep Number® Bed by Select Comfort,® is limited to a dual zone—right and left. AirTech® offers HexAir, a six-zone adjustable sleep system offering three-zones on left and right hemispheres. If you need extra support because of back or hip pain, the center air chamber on each side of the bed can be adjusted separately from the head and foot. Get the pain relief you need on a bed that can be customized to support you better where you need it most.

Comfort. Individualized. Personalized.

Do you suffer from back pain? Sleep too hot or too cold? Allergies?
Learn about the latest innovations to improve your sleep, only from AirTech®.